Neon Tetra

If you are just commencing your road on the aquarist path we are happy to present you with a great variety of fish with which you can start off. In these article we will talk about the Neon Tetra which is a cheap and easy to grow fish.

  • Scientific name:

Paracheirodon innesi is the scientific name of the Neon Tetra but some people refer to it as the Hyphessobrycon innesi.

  • Origin:

The origin point varies depending on whom you ask but we know for sure where you can find these species today in the wild. The Neon Tetra can be found in the Upper Amazon in Brazil, the Paraguay River basin, the Rio Taquari, Pantanal of Mato Grosso and South America.

  • Habitat and Size:

In the wild, the South American Neon Tetra lives in light acidic waters with a temperature of about 25 degrees C and they can reach sizes of up to 4 cm or 1.5 inches

  • Physical Characteristics:

The spindle shaped body of a Neon Tetra, with his blunt nose and his shinning blue line that runs along his body; together with a red stripe stretching from the mid part of the body to the caudal fin’s base are all elements that make the Neon Tetra stand out. The Neon Tetra also has a dark olive green shade that colors the part of his body that is over the blue strip and his belly is silver and the anal fin is nearly transparent. Whenever the Neon Tetra rests in a shelter, he looks dim as its bright colors turn off.

  • Diet:

Feeding on both concentrated food, died food and live food the Neon Tetras are omnivorous. They eat granules, brine shrimp, flakes, fresh or frozen tubifex. We recommend you to feed your Neon Tetra twice a day.

  • Social Behavior:

Being a peaceful fish species, the Neon Tetra makes a good tank mate for other fish of approximately the similar size. Make sure not to place aggressive fish or bigger fish in the same tank with the Neon Tetra otherwise your neon fish will suffer from constant bullying or even fatal injuries. We recommend you to keep between 7 and 12 Neon Tetra fish in your tank to get the best results both from an esthetical point of view and from their social point of view. That way your aquarium will have vibrate and emanate color and a good spiritual state, that’s what always happens when you have a peaceful tank.

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