Maine Coon Cat

Among the oldest breeds in North America, the Maine Coon Cat is recognized as a native of the state of Maine (actually, the official Maine State Cat is the Maine Coon) A great number of attractive legends surround the Maine Coon Cat origin. Many people still believe that the Maine Coon Cat originated from matings between raccoons and semi – wild, domestic cats. This myth, sticked because the resemblance of the bushy tail and the most common coloring of its tabby also resembled that of a raccoon, fact which led to the adoption of the name “Maine Coon.” However that is biologically impossible.

As the biggest domestic bread, the Maine Coon Cat is a very friendly bread of cat, she gets along well with dogs, other cats and they will always get attached to one of the members of the family which they will choose to follow everywhere they go. Since they are excellent companions and if you are looking for good gifts for mother, a Maine Moon Cat can be the perfect idea.

Due to its large size, you must invest in sturdy cat furniture pieces for its entertainment. The best cat scratching post for a Maine Coon Cat would be a multi leveled cat tree, featuring scratching sisal cylinders, several platforms and a cubbie for sleeping or hiding. If you can afford the best cat scratching post, you can consider several smaller scratch post that you can spread around the house. however, keep in mind that no cat toy or cat furniture can make up for actual interaction, so try to dedicate at least 30 minutes each day to your cat, in which time you should engage it in some games that can satisfy its native hunting instinct.

The general aspect of the Maine Coon Cat presents itself with a thick fur of red brownish color and with some black spots scattered along its body. The tail of the Maine Coon Cat is thick and long, actually is just as long as the entire body. Two big eyes that create a small down sloop when they settle decorate the wedge head and are carefully placed on the sides of the squared muzzle and they are defined by the featherlike ears. The Maine Coon Cat fur is semi short, smooth and fluffy. The legs of this cat are long, flexible and very strong. It is not unusual for a Maine Coon Cat male to weigh more then 9 kilograms.

You have to brush your Maine Coon Cat every day with a strong, rare tooth brush if you want her to look its best and be able to offer you the energy fill you need. Also you should spend time with them and play with them, they are very energetic and they can get in all sorts of trouble due to their hunter origins. You have to make your Maine Coon Cat learn where she can fulfill her biological needs. Also if you don’t play a lot with your cat it is a great idea to walk your cat as well. These cats can make very good Mother’s Day gifts, especially if your mother is a cat lover.

A good think about this bread is that it has no known genetic diseases and that the Maine Coon Cat has quite a long life expectancy of 12 – 14 years.

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