With their long tails, vividly colored plumage and their big head, the Macaw is an curious bird but yet intelligent, using his curved beak not only to grab to branches and thus for moving but also for opening peanut shells. There are two types of Macaws and by that I mean species. There are the big Macaw birds and the small Macaw birds, each have their subspecies.

There are only a handful of mini Macaw birds, to be more exact 8 species including subspecies, while large Macaws are more, around 11 species and several subspecies. The Macaw birds appertain to the psittacidae family. The largest parrot in the world is a Macaw as well; the Hyacinth Macaw wingspan can reach up to 42” and a length of 36”. This Macaw will weigh up to 1.5kg and all this characteristics just contribute to his impressiveness. And the smallest one is the Hahn’s Macaw which barely reaches 12” 30cm in length.

The Macaw birds originate from South and Central America and they are highly intelligent creatures. The Macaw birds love to play so we recommend getting your Macaw as many toys as possible so they can have something to keep them occupied. The most captivating Macaw birds are the large ones since they also have the most intriguing and beautiful wing plumage colors.

There are also hybrids of Macaw birds that you can have as pets. These birds did not get created due to some genetic mutation that could occur in the wild and they were in fact created by cross breading between different Macaw species and subspecies. These birds can have the most exquisite plumage out of all others Macaw birds, but if you decide to keep one of these hybrid at home as a pet you should know that even though they are beautiful, not only their plumage is varies but also their temperament. You should consider a hybrid Macaw only if you have experience with Macaw birds of the same species as their parents.

In the wild, Macaw birds establish a bound with their partner and they travel together everywhere. They can also travel in small packs. In captivity the Macaw birds create bounds with their owners and communicate with them mainly when they need affection. Macaw birds can be accommodated to interact with children as well it just has to be done in the presence of the owner. If you want you can train them to do simple tricks as well, they are fast learners.

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