Learn How to Teach Your Dog to Fetch the Ball

Dogs love to run after balls and bring them back to you. Playing fetch is very important and has many benefits for your dog, including the fact that it helps them stay healthy and concentrate their energy on doing something constructive. However, not all dogs know how to fetch and even if it seems rather simple to teach them, things can become more complicated with some of them. It’s true that they have this game in their blood, but some dogs may need more time to learn it. Learning your dog to play fetch will help you create a special bond with them, so be patient and try to follow the guidelines below. These tricks will surely help you teach your dog how to play this game much easier than you think.

Find the Right Toy

Not all dogs are responsive to simple tennis balls. Therefore, in case you notice that your dog doesn’t like the ball you’ve selected for playing fetch, you should look for a more interesting object. Maybe a Frisbee will be more attractive or simply a toy that you bought for them or you have around the house. You will know for sure if they like the ball or the toy because they will be excited when they’ll see it.

Teach Your Dog to Give You the Ball

The first step is to teach your dog to give you the ball. For this, a great trick is to simply place the ball or toy in their mouth and wait until they drop it. While waiting to drop the ball keep your hand so you can catch it. Dropping it may take some time but trust me, you’re going in the right direction. The moment the dog drops the ball, you should place it back into their mouth. Repeat this step more times until your dog learns they have to give you the ball every time you put it in their mouth.

Encourage Your Dog to Chase the Ball

Now you have to make your dog run after the ball. In case you throw the ball and your dog doesn’t run after it, you have to encourage them to run. Usually, dogs love to run, so you shouldn’t worry too much about this aspect. When they run, make sure you reward them for being more motivated.

Make Your Dog Wait to Throw the Ball

Many dogs are so excited to run after the ball that they simply don’t have enough patience to wait for you to throw it. Therefore, you should ask them to sit and throw the ball only when they execute your command. Asking your dog to sit is one of the several essential commands you should teach them. Repeat this for more times until your dog understands what they have to do.

Now Start Playing Fetch

After you teach your dog every of the above steps, it’s time to start playing fetch. Remember that your dog has to master all the steps, so be patient and repeat the instructions until they fully understand them. You can give them treats as often as you want and offer them verbal encouragement until they succeed. Even after the dog learns how to play the game, you should show them your appreciation by offering them treats and praising them.

Use an Automatic Ball Thrower

Ever since there appeared the first automatic ball thrower, more and more dog owners have seen it as a great opportunity to learn their dog play fetch. The main principle of an automatic ball thrower is quite simple. When dropping a ball into the opening of the thrower, it automatically shoots it anywhere between 10 and 30 feet. The distance can be set according to your preferences. One of the greatest advantages of this particular device is the fact that it can be used by your dog without requiring your assistance. The device is great for learning your dog chase and fetch the ball in a funny way and it can also be used indoors. This means that your dog can play fetch over and over again until they get tired. Most dogs find the device very attractive and for this reason, most people find it very useful in learning their dog play fetch.

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