Indoor Odors & Smells – Finding the Source

Indoor odors and smells are the most bothering and disagreeable. They can come from different sources like toxins, pets, plastic, chemicals, mold, and the list goes on. Regardless their origin they are inopportune, unpleasant and mostly unhealthy. These odors can harm our health especially the respiratory system. How can we get rid of them in as soon as possible and how can we protect ourselves? In this research you will be provided with the needed information and you will know how to eliminate them without harming yourself.

Where do odors come from?

It is probably the most asked question and we totally want to know the answer. Odors and smells are a part of our everyday lives and affect both outdoor and indoor air quality. For instance, odors can be produced by chemicals, food, animals, landfills and so on. Also, indoor activities can produce them, such as cooking or cleaning. People who own pets are usually the most likely to have bad smells into their houses. So this is why it is important to properly wash and clean the pets and to take care of their body and health because this way you will take care of yourself, too.

Can they provoke health issues?

Chemicals that produce bad smells may root health problems. But people react differently in this type of problems. Health symptoms usually go away when the bad smell goes away, too. Sometimes odors are an alarm system to tell us that there is a problem somewhere and it needs to be settled. For instance, mold, gas, and sewage can be detected by their smell, even though they cannot be seen. Displaying to odors may have some effects in health starting with discomfort to more severe symptoms. Some of the chemicals can harm the throat, nose, eyes or lungs. Powerful smells can offer people burning sensation when breathing or coughing. They can also lead to whirling sensations and headaches.

How can we get rid of indoor odors?

After we have discussed some important aspects of this issue, let’s come back to the principal topic of this article. This is probably the most common question that everyone wants to know the answer. Household bad smells are always putting us in trouble and make us think about a lot of ways to remove them. Almost everybody has tried the air fresheners, scented candles, oil essences and the list may continue but unfortunately they did not get away.
This article will offer you some tips regarding how to solve this problem:

  • Clear the air: Firstly, make sure that you clear the air properly by opening all the windows for a couple minutes. The natural airflow will certainly help you to refresh the room. Do this more often and the quality of the air will be improved rapidly.
  • Use an air purifier: This type of product it’s a must when you deal with this problem. Forget the scented candles, oils and air fresheners because they will just get you rid of the smell on the moment. If you want a clean and fresh air, invest in a good air filter that can be used on long term and that will never fail you. On the market you can find electronic air purifiers, ionizers, and high efficiency air filters, no matter the choice they will be the best solution.
  • Properly clean the pet accessories: As we have mentioned above, pets are very important in this equation, too. Make sure that you clean all your pet’s toys, leashes, and other accessories because they contain fur and dirt that can provoke bad smells. Also, food and water recipients have to be cleansed frequently. They can be simply washed into the washing machine and the process will surely be shorter and more efficient than washing them by hand.
  • Dealing with smoke: If you or somebody from your family is a smoker it is recommended to smoke in an outdoor area. Except that it is very unhealthy, cigarette smoke infiltrates everywhere, especially into the walls that will obviously create strong and bad odor. To avoid this situation it is better to smoke outside of the home.

Hoping that our information was helpful for every householder it just remains to apply our tips in order to get rid of that bothers you the most. Especially, do not forget to use an air filter and do not burn candles they will only accentuate the smells and more than this they contain some impurities that can harm your lungs’ health.

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