Gold Fish

Scientifically named Carassius Auratus, the Gold Fish is commonly referred to just as Auratus. And is one of the most common met fish in household aquariums. His bright colors, long lifespan and the minimum attention that they require to live make them perfect pets for children and beginners in the Aquarius department.

The most common color of the Gold Fish is gold but it can vary up to bright red. You can also encounter black varieties of this fish or even white. Their size can reach up to 38 cm in length, 12 cm in height and they can weigh up to 1 kg. but usually they are just around 6 – 12 cm long 4 -6 cm tall and they weigh a few grams. Of course the size and shape depends on their subspecies. The Gold Fish was bred in captivity for aquarium and pond purposes for over 1000 years. The Gold Fish is a cold water fish that originates from China and some parts of Siberia, but now it can be encountered allover the world just as frequently in ponds as in household aquariums.

If you desire to acquire a Gold Fish to keep him in a boll then you should consider a Lion Head Gold Fish, a Black Moor Gold Fish or a Bubble Eye Gold Fish since the other species love more space, space that they can have in a bigger rectangular tank. The adequate temperature at which the Gold Fish can happily survive is of 20 – 22 Celsius degrees. It is always a great idea to decorate our tank with live plants but with the Gold Fish you should either get resistant plants or make sure your fish is full otherwise he will eat your plants.

You can also have sand and some snails on the bottom of the tank. Make sure you use a good filtration device and a good aeration system. The Gold Fish like to eat so they should be fed 2 times per day. Try not to feed them too much else the excess food will pollute the water from your tank and your fish risk getting diseased. The Gold Fish will eat typical dry food but will also eat fresh lettuce foils if handed to them. We do not recommend feeding them live food like Tubefix worms since they do not know when to stop eating and they risk getting sick and dying.

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