Devon Rex Cat

Even tough they look a bit weird due to their short hair, the Devon Rex Cat is not bold. It originates from the same breeder that created the Cornish Rex Cat and it is the result of a mutation that occurred during the creation of that species. The Devon Rex Cat has a shorter hair then the Cornish Rex Cat and it was recognized as a breed 10 years after more exactly in 1970 in Great Britain and in 1979 it was recognized as well in North America.

The Devon Rex Cat is a very effectuate cat, thus making it a perfect candidate for a company pet. There doesn’t pass a moment when these cat doesn’t either jump in your lap or grab something to play with. Be careful what you let laying around since the Devon Rex Cat will not hesitate in playing with your sox or with your curtains. Since they have such an energetic spirit they should be played with a lot and they shouldn’t be left at home with the window or door open since they are really curious and they might hurt themselves trying to chase birds or insects.

The fur of the Devon Rex Cat is curly and short but not as curly as the Cornish Rex Cat. The body is bowed and thin, giving it an elastic and athletic look but still being better made then the one of the Cornish Rex Cat. The legs and the tail are long and thin further increasing the sensation that he was breed for acrobatic purposes. The Devon Rex Cat head is nicely rounded and not to big. The ears are long and straight and the muzzle is elongated with a prominent jaw and the almond eyes are nicely spread from each other.

If you decide to get a Devon Rex Cat as a pet you will be happy to know that this cat breed is not picky at all. All you have to do to fulfill his needs is to take normal care for it making sure it gets plenty of exercise and you can offer her a treat every now and then but not to often a petting with your wet hand as a special fur treatment. If you have some spare time you can even train your Devon Rex Cat to perform some neat tricks since they are quite easily trained, just make sure you don’t encourage them to learn how to tear your curtains or any other trick like that they learn really quick be it something good or something bad. They also go along well with other pets like dogs but not with birds.

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