Cat fish

In the modern world of today, the variety of women gift ideas has grown and grown in an unforeseeable rate. Nowadays, these creative and unusual gifts for ladies range from unique gadgets to remarkable species of animals. Here is one of the most original ideas for a Mother’s Day gift this year: the cat fish!  They live in fresh water around the world and they are found on the bottom of rivers. Cat fish got their name because of their long thin barbells which resemble to a cat’s whiskers.

  • Origin:

We can’t pinpoint an exact origin location for this type of fish since Cat fish are encountered from the rivers of South and North America to the ones of Africa, Europe and even Asia. They were introduced in Europe from North America with the thought of having them as fishing game for sports and for food but their size changed with their introduction in this waters and they actually became pests for the local fauna.

  • Description:

The size of the Cat fish varies greatly from their species, they can be as small as 1 cm at maturity, while other species at maturity they reach up to 2m in length. The largest Cat fish ever caught was weighing 290 kg. However the size of an aquarium Cat fish is of around 12 cm.

Due to the fact that they frequent the bottom of the rivers in the wild their color is darker ranging from deep brown to grey with black stripes or simple dark black. Having this color allows the Cat fish to blend with the bed of the rivers and avoid predators. Due to their stile of life their eyesight took a blow and in order to compensate they became nocturnal and they developed barbells which are covered in taste receptors.

  • Diet:

The favorite food for an aquarium Cat fish is the Tubifex worms which also represent a challenge for them as they try to crown under the sand quickly. But essentially they eat everything that falls on the bottom of the tank from life food like the worms we just mentioned, any leftover food that might get to the bottom, algae on the walls of the tank or leftover poop of the other fish. Some species that grow big enough even eat other live fish. They are also called sanitary fish since they eat everything.

An intriguing characteristic of Cat fish is the fact that they have no scales covering their bodies. Some species of Cat fish have their bodies covered in a gooey substance called mucus and they are able to breath trough their skin making them the most curious choices amongst the collection of women gift ideas. There are even some that grow bonnie excrescence allover their bodies forming plates which are called scutes.

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