What Causes Cats to Urinate Outside the Litter Box

Cats are very clean animals and the fact that they start urinating outside the box is definitely a signal that something’s wrong. Although you may be a little worried to see this change in your cat’s behavior, you should know that this problem may easily appear on many cats. There are many reasons why this is happening, so it’s important to find the main cause and then take the necessary measures. In order to help you better understand why this happens, we will tell you more about the most common causes why a cat stops using the litter box. Once you find out the reason, it’s recommended that you help your cat re-use the sandbox as soon as possible because this issue may be frustrating for both of you.

  • Medical Problems

  • A medical problem is the worst thing that could happen, so eliminating it from the first place will offer you ease of mind. So, instead of guessing what’s wrong with your pet, you should consult your vet to perform blood and urine tests. Usually, the most common medical causes are urinary infections that make cats urinate more often so there’s a chance that they simply don’t have time to release themselves in the box. Other medical issues can be constipation, intestinal problems, and so on. Also, a physical condition like arthritis may affect their mobility, making the journey to the litter box quite difficult, especially if the sandbox has high sides or it comes with a cover.

  • The Box is Dirty

  • Same as people, cats don’t like using a dirty litter pan, so once they sense the bad smell, they will seek another place to urinate. It’s true that cleaning the litter box can be a frustrating task for some people, but you have to make time to clean it daily. However, if you want, you can replace the traditional cat litter box with a self cleaning one, that automatically scoops cat waste without your intervention. There are many models to choose from, but it’s recommended that your first read more self cleaning litter box reviews before deciding which model is more appropriate for your cat’s needs. Most of these innovative boxes are very easy to use and are specially designed to remove waste and eliminate bad odors.

  • Sudden Changes

  • Sudden changes can easily upset your cat, so they may stop using the litter box. In general, cats are rather exigent when it comes to their litter pan, which means that any change can influence their mood. Therefore, in case you have recently changed the litter your cat got used to or the location of the box, your cat may not like it and thus they will stop using it. Also, using detergents with a strong scent that your cat doesn’t like may be another reason why they refuse to use the sandbox. Try to think about the last changes you’ve made that might have made your cat to stopped using the box and try to repair them.

  • More Cats in the House

  • Some cats may be intimidated by the presence of another cat, so in case you have more than one pet, you should buy them different litters. At first, you can try purchasing only one box and if you see that one of them avoids using it, then you should definitely buy an extra one. Not all cats act the same, but according to specialists peeing outside the litter box usually happens in houses that have more than one cat.

  • Wrong Size of the Litter Box

  • When buying a new litter box, choosing the right size for your cat is one of the most important factors to consider because otherwise, they will not use it. In general, the sandbox should provide them enough room to feel comfortable because this is very important for them. So, read the specification of the product and look for its dimensions. You can also opt for a litter pan that is suitable for two or more cats if you want to offer them extra room and get fond of their new box.

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