Dog training is rewarding and absolutely necessary for any pet owner. However, it’s possible to find that your dog simply doesn’t respond to the techniques presented in the manuals and help books on the subject. It can be difficult to know just what to do with that. If the books don’t cover it, what is […]

Nowadays the most popular dog on the entire globe is the German shepherd dog mostly due to his resemblance to the wild wolf; this breed is also called by non-breeders as the wolf dog breed. There are two types of driven dogs the ones that take care of sheep’s that stick to groups as large […]

Among the oldest breeds in North America, the Maine Coon Cat is recognized as a native of the state of Maine (actually, the official Maine State Cat is the Maine Coon) A great number of attractive legends surround the Maine Coon Cat origin. Many people still believe that the Maine Coon Cat originated from matings […]

In the modern world of today, the variety of women gift ideas has grown and grown in an unforeseeable rate. Nowadays, these creative and unusual gifts for ladies range from unique gadgets to remarkable species of animals. Here is one of the most original ideas for a Mother’s Day gift this year: the cat fish! […]

Being a soft billed bird you have to be careful when you feed your Cedar Waxwing since it is a bird that has the tendency to gain weight. Even though it needs a regulated diet and a carefully decorated and arranged aviary it still is an easy to manage bird. One of the most notable […]

With their long tails, vividly colored plumage and their big head, the Macaw is an curious bird but yet intelligent, using his curved beak not only to grab to branches and thus for moving but also for opening peanut shells. There are two types of Macaws and by that I mean species. There are the […]

If you want an intelligent, agile dog to have as a pet for hanging around you whenever you need some company or with which to showoff at the obedience competitions, you should consider the Boxer since it covers all these fields and it also is a great dog with children. A downside can be if […]

If you are just commencing your road on the aquarist path we are happy to present you with a great variety of fish with which you can start off. In these article we will talk about the Neon Tetra which is a cheap and easy to grow fish. Scientific name: Paracheirodon innesi is the scientific […]

Scientifically named Poecilia reticulata the Guppy fish is part of the Poeciliidae family. Region of origin: The South American rivers are the origin point of the Guppy fish. They grow in the wild to sizes of 3 to 5 cm, and they thrive in waters with temperatures of 23 – 24 degrees C and they […]

Being part of the Carduelis family which is spread both in Europe and in America, the Gold finch about which we are going to talk here originates from America and as it’s main feature in comparison to his cousins from other species of the same family his plumage is much more brighter. Let’s describe the […]