German Shepherd

Nowadays the most popular dog on the entire globe is the German shepherd dog mostly due to his resemblance to the wild wolf; this breed is also called

Maine Coon Cat

Among the oldest breeds in North America, the Maine Coon Cat is recognized as a native of the state of Maine (actually, the official Maine State Cat i

Cat fish

In the modern world of today, the variety of women gift ideas has grown and grown in an unforeseeable rate.

Cedar Waxwing

Being a soft billed bird you have to be careful when you feed your Cedar Waxwing since it is a bird that has the tendency to gain weight.


With their long tails, vividly colored plumage and their big head, the Macaw is an curious bird but yet intelligent, using his curved beak not only to


If you want an intelligent, agile dog to have as a pet for hanging around you whenever you need some company or with which to showoff at the obedience

Neon Tetra

If you are just commencing your road on the aquarist path we are happy to present you with a great variety of fish with which you can start off.

Gold finch

Being part of the Carduelis family which is spread both in Europe and in America, the Gold finch about which we are going to talk here originates from

Gold Fish

Scientifically named Carassius Auratus, the Gold Fish is commonly referred to just as Auratus.